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Self-Care After Sex

Self-Care After Sex

Sex is great. But taking care of your body after sex? That’s love. Peeing after sex is one of the best ways to take care of your sweet spots, but it’s not the only way! 

Why is it important to pee after sex?

All that movement and friction during sex can transfer bacteria from one part of your body (like the anus) to another (like the urethra). Because the urethra, the tube that carries your urine, is practically next door to the vagina, it’s easy for bacteria to make its way into your urinary tract during sex. That can spell UTI (urinary tract infection) if you forget to pee after the fun’s over.

Do you have to pee after sex even with a condom?

Condoms can help prevent pregnancy and lower your risk of contracting some sexually transmitted infections. But condoms do not prevent bacteria from entering your urinary tract. So you should always pee after sex, even if you use a condom.

Does sex affect pH balance?

Yep! Remember, bacteria is passed back and forth between you and your partner during sex. This can disrupt the natural balance of your microbiome and shift the pH balance both in the vaginal canal and on your vulva. Peeing after sex won’t help restore that balance, but it will give you the chance to use a pH-balanced wipe - from front to back, of course - that can help refresh and re-balance your vulva.

If you’re having unprotected sex, sperm can throw off your pH balance as well - it’s got a pH of 7.2-8, while a healthy pH level inside the vagina is about 3.5 - 4.5.

Is it normal to smell after sex?

No two vaginas or vulvas smell the same to begin with, and the way you smell can even change throughout your menstrual cycle. A slight change in odor after sex is nothing to worry about. But if you notice a drastic change in smell or discharge, this could be a sign of an infection and you should contact your medical provider. What to look out for:

Is it normal to itch after sex?

If your vagina and/or vulva are itchy after you have sex, it could be due to a few things. You might just be a little dry or uncomfortable from a lack of lubrication during sex, or you could have an allergy to certain types of condoms leading to irritation. But itching accompanied by painful urination, unusual bumps, an unusual smell, or unusual discharge could be a sign of an infection ranging from a yeast infection to bacterial vaginosis or a sexually transmitted infection. Be sure to consult with your doctor if you’re not sure.

Best Self-Care Routine After Sex

Step 1: Go pee!

Step 2: SSL Wipes

If you’re at home, grab your favorite pH-balanced wipes. If you’re not, A Clean S-Wipe is handy to have in your purse or bag for a quick cleanup.


Step 3: Rescue Balm

Finish your after-sex self-care routine with soothing moisture courtesy of Rescue Balm. Trust us, your vulva will thank us.


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