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Bacteria Balancing Act

Bacteria Balancing Act

Your beautiful body is home to millions and millions of bacteria and yeast. Some of them happen to live in your vagina (and on your vulva, for that matter). But before you cringe at the thought of tiny microorganisms crawling around your sweet spots, remember not all of them are bad! In fact, a lot of vaginal bacteria aregood- they are responsible for keeping your vaginal flora (aka the microbiome) balanced and healthy.

When vaginal bacteria is out of whack…

If the bad bacteria (or yeast) start to outnumber the good, sadly you’re the one to suffer the consequences. Vaginal bacteria imbalance can lead to a number of irritating issues, most notably bacterial vaginosis. It can also be the reason behind very common intimate skin concerns like itching, irritation, abnormal odor, and discharge. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms or suspect bacterial vaginosis, be sure to consult your medical provider for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

What causes vaginal flora imbalance?

Anyone with a vagina can develop vaginal bacterial imbalance, but there are certain factors that put you at a higher risk. These include:

  • Douching
  • Pregnancy
  • Unprotected sex
  • Sex with new or multiple partners
  • Spending too long in tight or wet clothing
  • Harsh intimate care products

Preventing Imbalance

1. Take Care of Your Sweet Spots

Remember - your vagina is a self-cleaning organ. That means it does not need your help! Douching is a big no-no. If you want to cleanse your sweet spots on the outside (aka the vulva), here’s how to do it safely.

2. Practice Safe Sex

Protect yourself from vaginal bacteria imbalance like BV by using condoms, and following these steps after sex to keep your sweet spots happy and healthy.

3. Get Out of Your Leggings

We’re all for comfort, but your sweet spots need to breathe! Damp, restrictive clothing (like leggings and bathing suits) can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Change into dry, loose-fitting, preferably cotton clothes as quickly as you can to help prevent imbalance.

4. Prebiotics

Just like a prebiotic supplement can help support gut health, prebiotics can support healthy vulva and vaginal flora. Prebiotics essentially feed the good bacteria, helping to restore or maintain the ideal balance of vaginal flora. Microbiome Balancing Wash delivers this prebiotic support right where you need it most - your sweet spots. If you’re prone to vulva or vaginal bacteria imbalance, this gentle cleanser is the ultimate shower must-have.


Prebiotics for Vaginal Flora

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