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Planet Love

Planet Friendly Personal Care

We care about our impact on you and the planet, so we hold our products to
sky-high standards. From our ingredients to our packaging, we make
thoughtful decisions to keep our footprint small our and our impact big.

Higher Standards for a Healthier World

At SweetSpot Labs, we’re committed to planet-friendly personal care.
These are our four key promises:

Thoughtful Packaging
We save trees by using 100% reclaimed or recycled cardboard
to create our cartons, and we print with on them using vegetable-based
inks. Plus, we’re in the process of switching to PCR plastics.

Clean Products
We keep our products as natural as possible—always avoiding
icky ingredients that are harmful or irritating to you or Mother Earth.

Animals are for cuddling, not testing. We’re a cruelty-free brand,
so we never test products or ingredients on our furry friends.

Vegan & Beegan
All of our products are either vegan or beegan.
(Beegan products contain small amounts of cruelty-free
beeswax or honey).

Green Goals

Our aim is for most of our packaging to be wholly or partially made
from reclaimed and recycled plastics (PCR plastics). PCR plastics
are easier on our environment because they’re made from existing plastic.
This reduces their carbon footprint by 60% for a healthier, happier world.

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