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Microbiome Balancing Spray Refill



Waste less and spend less! Refill your favorite intimate spray, Microbiome Balancing Spray, so you never have to go without. Great for sensitive skin and skin prone to bacterial & yeast imbalances that can lead to intimate odor, breakouts, bumps, itch and irritation.

  • Enough to refill your spray 3X
  • Reduce carbon emissions & waste
  • Reduce plastic


    • Clinically Proven:

      85% said it eliminated intimate & body odor*

      0% intimate skin irritation

      *In a consumer panel of 25 women after 4 weeks of daily use on the vulva

      How to Use:

      Unscrew the top of your Microbiome Balancing Spray. Twist open the spout of the refill pouch, and carefully pour into the spray bottle. Replace the spray top.

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