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Next Level (Sustainable) Self Care

Earth Day

At SweetSpot Labs, we care about our impact on you and the planet, so we hold our products to sky-high standards. From our ingredients to our packaging, we make thoughtful decisions to keep our footprint small and our impact big. It’s not perfection (yet), but it's a constant work in progress!

We are committed to planet-friendly personal care and here are a few of our key promises to lead us to a greener future 

  • Thoughtful packaging: We use reclaimed and recycled plastics (PCR) for our tubes and caps.  We are working hard with our suppliers to reach our goal of 100% PCR for all components. By making an effort to reduce the use of new plastics, we’re doing our part to ensure a better world for generations to come. We do our best to reduce waste and reuse what’s already been produced.
  • Save trees: The global beauty industry doesn’t just produce plastics. It’s also responsible for eating up 18 million acres of forest per year to make cardboard packaging. At SweetSpot, we save trees by using 100% reclaimed or recycled cardboard to create our cartons, and we print on them using vegetable-based inks. It’s just one small way we’re doing our part.
  • Clean products:From A Clean S-Wipe to Gentle Cleansers (and everything in between), we develop clean formulas, and avoid a long list of ingredients that can be harmful or irritating to you or Mother Earth. 🌿
  • Environmental innovation:With a mantra to keep our footprint small and our impact big, we created A Clean S-Wipe, the first of its kind wipeless wipe! This is our inventive contribution to lessening the environmental impact of wipes.
  • Cruelty-free:We respect Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants, which is why we never test our products or ingredients on furry friends. 🐇 All of our products are either vegan or beegan. (Beegan products contain small amounts of cruelty-free beeswax or honey). 

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”
– Robert Swan
Let’s be our own superheroes.

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