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Cosmo's Holy Grail

Cosmo's Holy Grail

We're thrilled to announce that SweetSpot Labs Bikini & Body Bump Eraser has been awarded a 2023 Cosmopolitan Holy Grail Beauty Award as the year’s Best Ingrown Hair Treatment! We're honored to receive this recognition for our innovative new spot treatment.

Ingrown hairs can be a frustrating and uncomfortable experience for many women, especially when they occur in the bikini area or other intimate parts of the body. SweetSpot Labs Bikini & Body Bump Eraser is designed to prevent and treat ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and breakouts that can pop up on the bikini line, butt, under breasts, armpits, legs and more!

Our Triple Purifying Complex (azelaic acid + salicylic acid + green kaolin clay) clears bumps quickly while Triple Calming Complex (niacinamide + green tea extracts + licorice root) calms discomfort, and minimizes redness & the dark spots bumps can leave behind.

Not only is SweetSpot Labs Bikini & Body Bump Eraser effective in preventing and treating ingrown hairs, but it's also gentle enough for daily use. Simply apply to the affected area after hair removal, or as needed, and let the ingredients work their magic. Once it’s dry, wipe clean and voila - clearer, smoother, brighter skin!

Like all SweetSpot Labs solutions, Bikini & Body Bump Eraser is made with consciously clean ingredients and formulated specifically for intimate skin. This targeted ingrown hair treatment is free from common irritants, allergens, pore-clogging ingredients, and ingredients known to trigger fungal acne (aka folliculitis). 

In addition to the award-winning Bikini & Body Bump Eraser, our Fragrance-Free Wipes were recognized as a Holy Grail in 2022 for Best Feminine Wipes. Whether you’re looking for an effective ingrown hair treatment, a gentle intimate cleanser, or a moisturizer to use after shaving and waxing, SweetSpot Labs has you covered. We're committed to continuing to innovate and creating clean, gentle, and effective products that meet the needs of women everywhere.

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