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A Brief History of the Vulva

A Brief History of the Vulva

The vulva isn’t a taboo topic, meant to be hidden away and never discussed. As long as humans have had art, we’ve had vulva art. Your sweet spots have long been celebrated as the works of art they truly are. Take a trip through the ages with us to see how the vulva has been seen throughout history. 

Ancient Times

Long before modern civilization, the vulva & vagina were held in high regard, as survival & reproduction were the two top priorities.

35,000 B.C.
Engraved Aurignacian Vulva
400 B.C.
Baubo Figurine

The Renaissance

The cultural & scientific awakening brought a new desire for a deeper understanding of anatomy.


“Female Genital Organs”

Leonardo da Vinci

19th Century

As artistic styles continued to evolve, so too did depictions of the vulva. Female pubic hair is introduced into Western art for the first time.

“The Maja Desnuda”
Francisco Goya



“The Origin of the World”
Gustave Courbet

20th Century (First Half)

The turn of the century ushered in a new era in art, one that showcased more modern representations of the vulva.



“Seated Female Nude”

Egon Schiele



“Female Nude”

Christopher Wood


20th Century (2nd Half)

The sexual revolution in the 1960s and 1970s is on full display in the art world, bringing female perspectives & boundary-pushing installations. 





Hannah Wilke



“Great American Nude”

Tom Wesselmann



“The Dinner Party”

Art Installation, Judy Chicago


Modern Era

The vulva is quickly becoming an icon - new artistic representations showcase the diversity & beauty of our most sacred selves.




Fernando de la Jara



“Black Antoinette” Series

Olaf Hajek



“Pink” Music Video

Janelle Monáe (feat. Grimes)




Juliana Notari


“The Vulva Gallery”

Hilde Atalanta


Here’s to being fully seen in 2022! Into the new year and beyond, we’re here to celebrate all representations of the vulva.

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