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how dry is your january?

SSL knows that “Dry January” has its own meaning for anyone with a vulva. Tight, itchy, uncomfortable winter skin isn’t just a thing for your arms, legs and face. Vulvar skin is skin too - and that means it experiences the same seasonal challenges. 

In a recent survey, vulva owners ages 18-57 ranked dryness as the #1 intimate skin concern and SSL is here to help!

soothe dry skin anywhere you’ve got It

The first rule of thumb for Dry January? Do no harm. All skin - including intimate skin - is protected by an outer layer called the skin barrier that keeps moisture in and harmful microorganisms out. Ditch harsh sulfates and irritants that can damage the skin barrier and make skin drier.

SweetSpot Labs solutions support a healthy skin barrier from chin to toe with gentle, non-irritating ingredients and rich emollients like shea butter, micro-hyaluronic acid, and colloidal oatmeal for comfortably hydrated skin all winter long.

What a relief!

I use this product daily after showering. After 2 days itchiness was gone and has stayed away with just a pea-size dab of cream. It was all I needed!

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So good!

Moisture Restoring Cleanser has eliminated my after shower itchiness. My skin no longer feels tight and dry after a shower. This has been one of the best discoveries this year.

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A fairytale ending!

I never knew my lips needed hydration and saving till I tried this product. The lip balm of your nether regions. It's simple, easy to use, not sticky or oily.

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