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Bikini & Body Bump Eraser

Targeted Spot Treatment


This concentrated spot treatment with powerful ingredients – including azelaic acid, salicylic acid, niacinamide and kaolin clay – targets bumps and helps brighten the dark spots they can leave behind. Reveal smoother, brighter, healthier-looking skin along the bikini line, underarms, butt, boobs & beyond!

  • Clinically proven safe & non-irritating on intimate skin
  • Gynecologist + dermatologist tested & approved
  • 95% naturally-derived
  • pH-balancing


  • Proven Results:

    • 93% said this spot treatment left skin clear, calm, and smooth*

    • 89% said it cleared bumps in just 3 days*

    • 87% said this spot treatment brightened dark spots*

    • 81% said it minimized redness after just 1 use*

    • 99% said this spot treatment did not irritate intimate skin*

    • 96% would recommend this spot treatment*

    * In a consumer panel of 30 women after 2 weeks of use on bikini line

    How to Use:

    Squeeze a pea-sized amount onto a clean finger & apply directly to bumps 1-3 times per day on clean, dry skin. Allow to dry completely before wiping clean, or leave on overnight. The mineral-rich green clay formula acts as a color corrector to help neutralize the look of red blemishes.

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