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Hydrate Ever After | Moisturizing Serum

Replenish moisture daily for healthy, hydrated vulvar skin.


Your hormones are constantly fluctuating - not just through different stages of life, but even throughout the day. And those hormonal changes can leave intimate skin high & dry. Hydrate Ever After deeply replenishes natural moisture with clean, non-irritating, bio-identical emollient oils for all-day comfort.

• 100% naturally-derived

• pH-balanced

• Safety tested on actual vulvas by gynecologists

• Approved by gynecologists & dermatologists


  • HOW: Pump onto clean fingertips & apply.

    WHERE: Anywhere you need a boost of moisture - as long it's external.

    WHEN: We love to layer it on every morning, but it's also great after a workout, after shaving or waxing, after a vulvar/vaginal yeast infection, or during cycles that can weaken the skin barrier like menstruation, pregnancy, post-partum, while breast-feeding & throughout menopause.

    SSL Tip: Add a little external lubrication to your next pleasure session courtesy of Hydrate Ever After.

    Net wt: 1.35 fl. oz. / 40 ml

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