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Waxing During Pregnancy

Waxing During Pregnancy

When you’ve got a bun in the oven, all those hormones can make your hair grow faster and thicker. But not just the hair on your head! You might notice a growth spurt under your arms, in the pubic area, on your legs and more. So, can you wax while pregnant? Let’s dive in.

Is Waxing Safe While Pregnant?

Shaving is the safest way to get rid of unwanted hair during pregnancy, but certainly not the easiest with a belly in the way! Waxing in pregnancy is generally considered safe but you should be aware of a few things before booking that appointment or buying a home waxing kit.

What You Should Know

1. Pregnancy can make skin more sensitive

Between surging hormones and the increase in blood volume, pregnancy can make skin more sensitive. This can increase the ouch factor when waxing, especially if you’ve never waxed before. If you’ve strictly been shaving up until now, pregnancy might not be the best time to start waxing. To minimize discomfort, consult with your doctor about taking an over-the-counter pain reducer to prep for your wax.

2. Do your homework

If you prefer for someone else to do the waxing for you, be sure to choose a clean, highly-recommended facility with an experienced or licensed esthetician. You’ll want to make sure they are not re-using wax or strips between clients to minimize the risk of contamination or infection.

3. Not all wax is created equal

Whether you’re DIY-ing it or going to a wax professional, you’ll need to decide what kind of wax is best for you. Hard wax is applied to the skin in a thick layer, allowed to harden, and then removed by hand. Soft wax, on the other hand, is applied to the skin followed by a cloth strip, which is then quickly removed - taking the wax and hair with it. Generally, hard wax is gentler on the skin because it doesn’t stick to the skin as much and is recommended for sensitive skin.

4. After care is important

Since you’re more sensitive to the sunlight during pregnancy, it’s important to keep that freshly-waxed skin out of harsh sunlight. You’ll also want to apply a pregnancy-safe moisturizer after the wax. Hydrate Ever After is a lightweight serum perfect for all skin and Rescue Balm is a rich balm for sensitive skin that needs a little extra soothing.


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