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Vulva Awareness Day

Vulva Awareness Day

In support of our mission to fundamentally change the way people see, talk about, and treat the all-important (yet often overlooked) vulva, SweetSpot Labs officially declares April 21 Vulva Awareness Day.

In today's day and age, it feels like we've all but freed ourselves from the history of oppression and "ick" surrounding women's health and sexuality. But there's still a huge knowledge gap about our bodies - especially about the vulva. 

The “Vulva Void”

When most people say “vagina” what they’re actually referring to is the vulva. The vagina is just 1 of 7 different structures that make up the vulva. And only 17% of women can correctly identify the vulva. We call this the "vulva void.” Even though it’s a cute name, it can have significant consequences that can lead to shame, discomfort, reduced pleasure, and even misdiagnosis.

In a recent survey, women ages 16-25 were asked a series of questions related to their knowledge and education of the vulva. The results showed:

  • 65% said they have a problem using the words "vulva" or "vagina" 
  • 1 in 3 admitted they had avoided going to the doctor with gynecological issues due to embarrassment

We know vulva owners everywhere deserve better. So join us this April 21st as we shine a light on the “vulva void” and erase any shame or stigma around this beautiful and powerful part of the body!

How You Can Celebrate

1. Say VULVA!

Words can hold great power. Try saying the word “vulva” out loud - even if it’s only to yourself in the mirror! The more we use it, the more comfortable we’ll get. Who knows? The next time you hear someone say “vagina” when they really mean “vulva” you might be confident enough to share what you know!

2. Look at Yours

To know yourself is to love yourself! Take a peek at what you've got going on down there and remember that vulvas come in all sorts of shapes, colors and sizes - each beautiful in its own way.

3. Support Sex & Wellness Education

In honor of Vulva Awareness Day, we are partnering with our friends at The Body Agency to bring you The Vuppet! You can purchase a handmade Vuppet to support The Body Agency’s work to bring sexual health & wellness education to women & girls around the globe.

What is the vulva, Educational Vulva Puppet for Vulva Awareness Day


4. Watch Our Virtual Panel Discussion!

SweetSpot Labs recently hosted a live virtual Vulva Salon event featuring gynecologist Dr. Erica Montes, and TikTok’s viral “outie” vulva owner Gabriella Scaringe to raise awareness, educate and destigmatize the vulva.


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