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Shaving Your Sweet Spots 101

Shaving Your Sweet Spots 101

Whether you’re just shaving your bikini line or you’re going totally hairless, it’s important to understand how to shave down there before you break out your razor and go to town. Here is our guide to shaving pubic hair.

1. Prep

When it comes to shaving pubic hair, prepping the area is key to avoiding irritation. First, you’ll want to remove bump-causing impurities by gently cleansing. But skip the harsh soap and opt for a gentle, non-irritating wash like this one or pH-balanced wipes like these if you don’t have time to shower.

You can also trim pubic hair using a bikini trimmer before shaving to make shaving easier. Note: trimming pubic hair with scissors is not recommended.

2. Exfoliate

Like shaving any body part, shaving pubic hair goes much more smoothly when you exfoliate first. A loofah or washcloth can help slough off dead skin cells and buildup, but keep in mind that the skin in your bikini area can be much more sensitive than other areas so scrubbing too hard can do more harm than good. That’s where a chemical exfoliant like Buff & Brighten Exfoliating Pads comes into play. Its Triple Exfoliating Complex, with lactic, glycolic and salicylic acid, helps sweep away surface debris for the smoothest shave possible without irritation.


3. Don’t Dry Shave

Because intimate skin tends to be more delicate than the skin on, say, your legs, it’s even more important to use a shaving cream to protect the skin while you shave. When choosing a shaving cream, go for one that’s gentle and fragrance-free. If your skin is super sensitive or prone to razor bumps or folliculitis, Microbiome Balancing Cleanser can double as a gentle shaving cream that helps protect from dull blades and bacteria entering open follicles.


4. Use a Sharp Blade

Even the best razor for shaving pubic hair is no good to you if it’s dull or dirty. Be sure to swap out your razor every 3 uses or so to make sure the blades are sharp enough to cut the hair without irritation, and free from any bacteria or fungi buildup.

5. Shave in the Direction of Growth

To minimize irritation, pull the skin taut and glide your razor in the direction of hair growth. This will help prevent razor bumps and irritated/inflamed hair follicles (aka folliculitis). Use short strokes, rinsing the razor in between. Use extra care when shaving near more delicate areas like the clitoral hood and labia.

6. Moisturize

After shaving the bikini area, apply a fragrance-free moisturizer like Hydrate Ever After to hydrate and prevent chafing/friction from irritating your freshly shaved skin.

Got Razor Bumps?

If you’re prone to ingrown hair or razor bumps, following the steps above will certainly help. But should you end up with a bump or two or three, Bikini & Body Bump Eraser will get rid of bikini bumps fast. For best results, pair it with Buff & Brighten to keep new bumps from forming.


Got Razor Burn?

Soothe itchy, irritated razor burn instantly with Rescue Balm. Ultra-concentrated with clean, 92% naturally-derived actives, Rescue Balm locks in moisture to relieve razor burn and protect skin after shaving.


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