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Are Your Labia Normal?

Are Your Labia Normal?

If you’ve never seen labia other than your own, it’s easy to look down and think, “Does mine look like it should?” Well, read our lips: there’s no such thing as “normal” labia! They come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, colors, and every single variation is absolutely beautiful in its own right. Here’s what you should know about so-called normal labia.

1. You have 2 sets of labia

Labia is the collective term for the “lips” of your vulva, and you have two sets. The labia majora are the outer lips, where you grow hair, and the labia minora are the inner lips that connect to your clitoral hood.

2. No two labia are exactly alike

While some might throw terms like “normal labia” around casually, the truth is your labia are as unique as your fingerprint. There is no one way they should look, so don’t let comparison culture tell you otherwise!

3. They may not be symmetrical

Think of labia like eyebrows - sisters, but not necessarily twins. Each of your labia might be different lengths or widths and that’s totally normal. In rare cases, some women report that the length of their labia is causing them discomfort or interfering with pleasurable sex. If this is the case, consult your medical provider.

4. Innies v. outies

Just like belly buttons, some vulvas are innies and some are outies. If your labia minora (inner lips) are longer than your labia majora (outer lips), you are part of the 56% of women who have an “outie.” A common myth about outies is that they’re a consequence of having a lot of sex. In fact, sexual activity has nothing to do with the size, shape, length or color of labia. Terms like “loose lips,” “meat flaps” and “roast beef” are not only insulting and hurtful, but are just flat out uninformed. If you’re looking for more labia positivity, check out our friend and unofficial outie spokeswoman Gaby @gabygabss.

5. They aren’t all pink

Grey, pink, dark, light - labia can run the gamut in terms of color. It’s a technicolor wonder of epic proportions!

In a world where we’re constantly bombarded with the idea that there’s only one definition of beauty, it’s important to remember that there is beauty in our differences. 

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