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Gyn Visits – Tips To Prepare For Your Next Session In The Stirrups

Gyn Visits – Tips To Prepare For Your Next Session In The Stirrups

The exam room, the paper gown and those infamous stirrups…Yup you guessed it, the dreaded gyn visit. As a gynecologist, I try and find new and creative ways to decompress anxiety of women when they enter the room.

Here are my tips for making your next visit stress free:

No Special Grooming Required

As women, we can get preoccupied with what the doctor thinks of our downward parts, but honestly, we just want to give you the best care possible. Whether it’s shaved, bushy or somewhere in between it doesn’t matter to us – we have seen it all.

Write Down Your Questions

Women want to get these visits over as soon as possible but it’s important to talk about any issues you may be experiencing – from period irregularities, vaginal odor, itchiness, to sex questions. All cell phones today have a Notes app – so jot down your questions and don’t be afraid to ask.  Taking control of your vaginal health and getting factual advice will help you feel so much better in the long run. 

Do Something That Relaxes You Before Your Visit

Whether it is listening to music, reading or just scrolling through your Instagram – find something you like to do to help minimize anxiety about your visit. Remember your gynecologist is a resource to help you have a healthy pelvic area.

Have a Post Visit Freshen Up Plan

After an exam, women may want to bring their own wipes or fresh pair of underwear to change into. I always have SweetSpot Labs 98% natural and pH balanced wipes available for my patients and they can be tucked into any purse for an instant refresher.

With every doctor’s appointment, I leave you with this…pay attention to your body! It will let you know when something isn’t right. For vaginal health avoid things that will change your pH and create any infections. If you’re ever concerned about any symptoms you should always visit your doctor for a check-up and discussion.

See you at your next check-up!

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