5 reasons we're excited to launch @ Ulta

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Have you heard the news? SweetSpot Labs is launched at Ulta Beauty! As many of you know, this beauty chain provides one stop shopping for prestige, mass and salon products, and carries everything from cosmetics and skincare brands to fragrances and hair care products. We are thrilled to be debuting our products at this beauty mecca, not only because it’s basically paradise but because of what these brands stand for – and for us that’s just as important. Here are the top 5 reasons we’re excited to launch at Ulta Beauty!

1 Female Leadership

Mary Dillon joined the company as CEO in 2013 and transformed Ulta Beauty into the leading cosmetics retailer it is today! Did you guys know that a woman also runs SweetSpot Labs? Fearless women in positions of power – now that’s something to get behind!

2 Ulta Beauty Gives Back!

Ulta Beauty realizes the power of giving back, which is why they are committed to investing in organizations that empower women and their families. Not only does Ulta have their own charitable foundation they also have a long-standing partnership with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. In nearly 10 years they have raised more than $18 million to advance the world’s most promising research toward the prevention and cure for breast cancer. 

3 Ulta Loves Natural

Ulta is committed to offering natural skin and body care, and luckily – we have that in common! People are saying goodbye to sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten, and dyes and are saying hello to aloe, sweet almond, sunflower seed and coconut oils! Beauty girls are on a quest for natural body care, not only are we looking for simplicity and transparency, but in a world where clean eating and wellness continue to dominate it only makes sense people are looking for clean brands they can trust, and that’s why Ulta offers some of the top natural skincare and body care brands on the market.

 4 The Future is Female

Ulta employs around 25,000 people – 94% of them are women! The ladies of SweetSpot Labs LOVE this. Not only are we a female led company, SweetSpot is also 100% female. You heard us right, all women! SweetSpot products are made by women for women, and we think that’s pretty sweet.

5 Emerging Brands

Did you know that Ulta sells more than 20,000 products? Not only will you find your well-established brands at your local Ulta store or Ulta.com but of the 500 brands it sells, many are up and coming, emerging beauty brands that they believe in. Staying ahead of the game is important to Ulta, and finding brands that they think their consumers will love is something they’re passionate about. We love that!

We could go on and on about why we’re excited to be at Ulta, but these top 5 reasons will hopefully get you just as excited as we are! Check us out online now!

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